Surf Capital of the Philippines

Siargao Island – home of the famous surfing spot Cloud 9 – considered to be the #8 wave on the planet with its perfect hollow tubes and easy accessibility.

Cloud 9 and the early resorts on Siargao, both have helped to shape the island into what it is today – the Surf Capital of the Philippines and one of the most relaxing islands you can imagine – but not only for surfers!

There are plenty of other world-class waves waiting to be surfed, such as Stimpy’s, Rock Island or Pacifico – all super long waves that produce amazing barrels left and right.

Siargao isn’t all just about the surf. The beaches here are breathtaking and many tiny islands surround Siargao, like Dako Island or the famous Naked Island, which literally consists of nothing but sand. Snorkeling is a must-do around those islands. Another must see is the unique and beautiful Magpupungko Pool in Pilar. You can relax on the beaches and rock pools; explore the widespread mangrove reserves and inland forest, discovering hidden magical Lagoons and caves. Surf. Explore. Relax

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Epic waves everywhere you look and one of the most relaxing locations you can imagine – that’s Siargao Island!

The home of the #8 wave on the planet, Cloud 9, a perfect right that barrels faster than Pipeline, only steps away from the lookout tower.

But Cloud 9 is not the only amazing wave you will find here. Cloud 9 is a perfect right barrel but a relatively short ride. Siargao offers countless other world-class breaks – left, right and super long. Stimpy’s for example is a goofy dream. A very long left that also barrels, located at a shallow reef deeper in the ocean, accessible by boat. Right next to it – Rock island – an even longer right. We will not publish every spot on Siargao on our website, but visit us on Siargao and ask the friendly locals for our other (more than 15) mind-blowing breaks.

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Siargao is much more than just surfing.

Get into one of the countles boats and hop from one paradise island to the next, explore the many deserted white sand beaches, snorkel with turtles, see colorful Clownfish and try to find one of the beautiful star fishes for a picture. Chill alone in beautiful, hidden lagoons while watching stingless Jellyfish and star fishes, swim in the unique Magpupungko Pool which is only visible at low tide and explore stunning caves.

If you love the night, you will be happy to know that beside a great nightlife with countless bars and many events like fire dancing, you can also see the Milky Way with your bare eyes, on a clear night already one hour after sunset. Diving is also really big on Siargao and the International Game Fishing Tournament is held on Siargao every year as well.


Where to Stay on Siargao

Siargao offers a wide range of accommodations.

Siargao offers a wide range of accommodations from budget beds in hostels to resorts with spa and everything else you need to relax. You can choose to stay right in front of Cloud 9 or nearby, or book a place in the north of the island and surf uncrowded breaks instead. Some of the resorts offer surfboard and even motorbike rentals.

There are many options on Siargao to choose from, so feel free to browse on our website until you find the perfect place to stay.

If you have questions about a specific location, don’t hesitate to email them directly from their page, so they can assist you personally.


Where to Eat & Drink on Siargao

We highly recommend you to try out different restaurants during your stay.

When the sun sets, the last wave is surfed and the Milky Way rises over Siargao, it is the time to go out and try different locations and their creations of international cuisine.

We highly recommend you to try out different Restaurants during your stay and experience quality food with freshest ingredients. It is hard to pick a favorite location with so many great places to eat and hang out.

If you like to watch the latest game or play pool with your friends, you won’t be disappointed as well on Siargao. There are countless Bars and Cafes to relax at. Some locations also offer movie nights and you can find a great party every week with different themes.



How to get to Cloud 9, Siargao, Philippines.

For international guests, Cebu City has an International Airport and you can fly directly there from Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea without having to go to Manila. Check the Cebu Pacific and various booking Websites for flights. You can fly with a multitude of international airlines to Manila.

Cebu Pacific usually fly daily from Manila to Cebu and from there to Siargao. You can purchase e-tickets online. Be aware there is usually a check-in luggage limit so you may be able to upgrade your allowance at the time of booking. If you are bringing surfboards you need to check the box for Sport Equipment and usually pay a small surcharge. Cebu Pacific have closely linked connecting flights from Manila via Cebu to Siargao island and this is the easiest way to get to the island. You will have a transit time in Cebu but can request for your baggage to be checked all the way through to Siargao.

Philippine Airlines usually fly daily from Manila to the nearby mainland Surigao City and you can book online. It can be a tight connection to make a ferry departing Surigao City to Siargao island so if you miss the boat you will have to stay overnight in Surigao and we can help with recommending a Hotel.

There is also the overnight large passenger boat option from Cebu to Surigao City with Cokaliong Shipping Lines. The ferry usually departs Cebu daily and a private cabin can be booked in advance.

Van transfer from Sayak airport on Siargao to Cloud Nine takes about 45 – 60 minutes. Van transfer from Dapa pier on Siargao to Cloud Nine takes about 30 – 45 minutes.


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